Crèche ( Caribloom)

Comprises of Infant programme (Age 4 – 12 months) and Toddler programme (Age 12months to 18months). 

Our infant room provides a comfortable, nurturing, and protected “home away from home” where your baby can thrive and grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. Our emphasis is on creating a loving, healthy, and safe place for your child to feel secure. As a parent, you deserve to know everything that happens while your little one is in our care. We make great efforts to ensure that our families are always in the know. We love to show and tell you about your child’s experiences through daily communications with our teachers, as well as providing you with your baby’s personal daily progress form 

In the Toddlers room, the toddlers are learning to play with each other co-operatively, and are beginning to explore the world around them enthusiastically with curiosity. We have designed many activities for them to participate in throughout the day. Our focus on their daily activities is on their overall personal development through the use of several Montessori activities,toys and gadgets to help them develop and refine their fine motor, physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. Their activities includes: Circle time, Potty training, Phonics, Numbers, Shapes, Outdoor play, learning nursery rhymes and singing skills, creating things with Lego blocks; colouring; TV and music time; exploring with Montessori activities etc

We are a team of dedicated Early Year professionals, caregivers and taking delicate care of your infants, toddler and school-age children in a stimulating learning environment. With your child in our care, you can go about your daily affairs with a peace of mind, knowing they are in capable hands.


The Nursery classes comprises of: pre nursery  (2 years), Nursery 1 (3 years), Nursery 2 (4 years) without mincing words … We  know that what children learn in pre school builds a foundation for school success in the future. 

We offer a blend of the Montessori Method and the British Early Years Foundation Stage and Nigeria Curriculum, which caters for an effective learning outcome in a well-structured prepared environment.

Our curriculum is broad, with activities and subjects that relate, but are not limited, to the following concepts: include Numeracy, Literacy & Phonics/ phonemic awareness Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Christian Religious Knowledge, Rhymes, Health and Safety Habits, Knowledge & Understanding of the World, Elementary Science, Arts & Craft, Etiquette, etc. The teachers are warm, caring and committed to bringing out the best in the children. 


Our of Grade  1 ( 5 years  +) Grade 2 (6years+) Grade 3( 7 years +) Grade 4 ( 8 years+) Grade 5(9years ±) and grade 6( 10years).

It is a fact that our children experience hands-on activities, develop social skills, reading skills as all our English language are linked and geared towards making our Stars great writers, and test higher on their standardized achievement tests in their high school years.